February 1911 Kobayashi Gas and Electric Appliance Mfg. Co. (now Paloma) established in Furuwatari, Nagoya by Yoshisaburo Kobayashi.
1931 Name changed to Kobayashi Manufacturing, Ltd.
November 1933 Shinichi Kobayashi succeeds Yoshisaburo Kobayashi, the founder.
February 1938 Paloma begins to supply aircraft parts. Precision needs result in upgrading of company technology.
1954 LP gas sales begin all over Japan. Paloma sets up production system for LP gas appliances.
August 1958 Sales division becomes a separate company, Paloma Co., Ltd.


February 1964 First phase of construction of Oguchi Plant completed. Production of gas appliances begins. Plant becomes an independent company, Paloma industries, Ltd.
September 1968 New plant built in Nogata, Fukuoka to increase production capacity to meet growing demand and contribute to local community. Established as Nogata Plant, Paloma Industries, Ltd.


February 1971 Hokusei Plant in Hokusei, Mie is completed.
April 1973 PH series gas Water Heater models certified by the American Gas Association (AGA) Paloma Industries, lnc. established in USA.
October 1973 Daini plant completed on property adjacent to Head Office.
October 1974 Head Plant designated as JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) plant. All main plants receive JIS recognition—Hokusei, Plant No.2, Oguchi and Nogata.
May 1979 Two Paloma products receive the Ohta Award for the best of its kind in the gas appliance field.


March 1980 New Head Office building completed.
March 1981 Toshihiro Kobayashi named new Paloma President.
November 1985 Decision made to pursue technical cooperation with the People's Republic of China.
April 1988 Rheem Manufacturing Company, top water heater and air conditioner manufacturer in the US, joins the Paloma Group.
October 1988 Paloma Sapporo R&D Institute established.
April 1989 Paloma receives JSME Medal for Research, Development and Commercialization of High Efficiency Pulse Combustion Appliances.


May 1994 Leads the industry in equipping FE series indoor water heaters with devices to prevent imperfect combustion (sensing burners).
December 1995 Head Office Main Annex built to accommodate expanded operations
February 1998 Paloma Plaza Building completed in Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.


September 2005 Hiroaki Kobayashi (former senior managing director) appointed as President.
December 2006 Customer Satisfaction (CS) Department established.
Compliance Committee established.Product-Related Accidents Task Force established.
February 2007 Jiro Kawase appointed President and CEO of Paloma Industries, Ltd.
Company compliance manual completed.
February 2008 Paloma Pulse-Combustion Gas Fryer wins 2008 NRA Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award .


2011 Celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding.
Paloma industries, Ltd. and Paloma Co., Ltd. are consolidated into new Paloma Co., Ltd.
2012 Tabletop Gas Stove “GRANDCHEF” wins the Good Design Award
2013 Built-in Gas Stove “CREA” wins the Good Design Award
2014 Built-in Gas Stove “FACEIS” wins the Good Design Award
Gas Water Heater with Bath Filling Function “BRIGHTS” wins the Good Design Award (an industry-first for a water heater)
2015 Enter into a naming rights partnership with Nagoya City.
Establish Paloma Mizuho Sports Park
2016 Start the Tokyo Metro “Paloma 100 Signboards Project”
Begin efforts to eradicate stove fires in collaboration with fire departments nationwide
Acquire Eco Rail Mark from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
2017 Built-in Gas Stove “FACEIS” and Grill Cooking Support Tool “La-cook” win the Kids Design Award
2019 Built-in Gas Stove “AVANCE” acquires certification as a product recommended for firefighting and disaster prevention (an industry-first)
Receive the Kids Design Award at the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Awards
Receive the Japan Gas Association Technology Award


2020 Built-in Gas Stove “CREA” wins the Kids Design Award
2021 Grill Cooking Container Series “La-cook” wins the Good Design Award.
Eco-Jozu Gas Water Heater with Bath Filling Function “BRIGHTS” wins the Kids Design Award
Paloma Mizuho Arena opens
Acquire US air conditioner manufacturer Friedrich Air Conditioning (Texas)