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Water Heaters

Paloma offers a complete range of tankless water heaters suitable for both residential and commercial use. Our tankless water heater line includes products for indoor and outdoor installation, natural and bottled gases, and maximum flow rates from 5 to 32 liters per minute. Paloma's range satisfies all water-heating needs.

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Why Tankless?

Hot water never runs out

Tankless water heaters heat up water whenever you need it instead of storing hot water. Therefore hot water never runs out. No more cold showers for you.

Compact size

Most suitable where space is limited. Both indoor and outdoor models are easy to install.

Energy saving

Paloma technology achieves thermal efficiency of up to 95%. Paloma will not waste your energy.


Over Heat Limiting Film Wrap

The world's first OHL stops overheating of the heat exchanger through a film-based sensor system rather than a point-detection system. Film-type OHL detects a failure quicker and more securely.


Paloma water heaters have low NOX burners which contribute to reduced emissions.

Remote temperature controllers

The controller make it possible to set different taps around the house at the best and safest temperatures for each.

Q Function

Assures rapid delivery of hot water by controlling temperature fluctuation when re-opening the tap.

Hot Water Supply Capacity

The chart and picture below indicate the capacity of hot water delivery for each model. Each capacity indicated is hot water flow per minute at 25 deg C rise.

Generally water flow of a shower is approx. 8-10L per minute and water flow of a kitchen tap is approx. 4L per minute. With a 24L capacity model, one shower and two kitchen taps can be used simultaneously even in cold climates where inlet water temperature is very low. If simultaneous use of shower and kitchen tap is expected to occur frequently, a greater capacity is recommended.


Capacity line up

  5L 10L 12L 16L 20L 24L 27L 28L 32L

Both indoor and outdoor installation are available for a range of different water heaters.

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