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Message from the management

Hiroaki Kobayashi

Hiroaki Kobayashi
President of Paloma Co., Ltd.

With careful attention to the needs of our customers, we will continue to support their lives.

Contributing to comfortable living through gas appliances, based on our corporate philosophy

Since its founding in 1911, Paloma has held the ambition of contributing to people through gas, striving to deliver better lives for everyone. Our desire to provide everyone with full and peaceful lives, can be found in our company’s name “Paloma,” meaning “dove,” which is a symbol of peace. Holding on to our ambition and awareness of being a manufacturer who supports lives through gas, we will continue to strive to improve everyone’s safe, secure and comfortable lives.

Paloma originates from the smiles of customers all over the world

In Japan, gas appliances have become widespread since the 1950s. Before then, firewood and coal were central to people’s lives. Thanks to the introduction of gas rice cookers, gas water heaters, gas cooking stoves and more, those lives have changed dramatically. We’ve taken great pleasure in contributing to the smiling faces of our customers and watching how our products have improved lives all around the world. I believe this is the starting point for Paloma and our role in society. The smiles of customers are universal. As a global company with production bases throughout the world, we will continue delivering smiles to those in Japan and abroad.

With careful attention to the needs of our customers, we will strive to understand their problems and concerns

Our enduring corporate philosophy is to listen carefully to our customers and respond to their needs. The problems and concerns held by our customers vary depending on country, region, culture or lifestyle. As a manufacturer specializing in gas appliances, we strive to reduce as many of these concerns as possible. Merging enhanced convenience with safety, which is a must for gas appliances, our mission as a gas appliance manufacturer is to help our customers achieve a safe and comfortable lifestyle. At Paloma, we will maintain our focus on the importance of listening to the needs of our customers.

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