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Message from the management

Hiroaki Kobayashi
President of Paloma Co., Ltd.

Paloma was initially established to better people's lives through gas appliances, offering them greater comfort through the utilization of new technologies. Under our corporate motto of "Integrity and Effort," Paloma has led the way in technological innovation of gas appliances, always bearing in mind the benefits to consumers. Paloma's products are unique, thanks to our focus on the consumer's viewpoint, and our product development is consistently ahead of the times. Since the establishment of Paloma in 1911, we have introduced over 300 products, including gas water heaters, gas cooking stoves, and gas rice cookers for both home and professional use.

Throughout its history, Paloma has pursued safety and comfort from the user's perspective, and our first priority has always been product safety. Many of Paloma's products are equipped with safety devices—also developed by this company--to prevent a wide range of potential accidents. Paloma will continue to value safety as a major aspect of customer-driven quality in its products.

In an effort to proactively prevent accidents and other problems from occurring, we have set up a new department devoted to collecting information on situations with the potential to result in accidents. This is just an example of how Paloma as a whole is continuously striving to offer safe and reliable products to its customers. There is no "finishing line" in the pursuit of safety.

Moreover, Paloma is undertaking advanced programs to efficiently utilize limited natural resources to create and maintain a "clean" global environment, an issue of global importance. We have always emphasized use of energy-conserving business operations and reduction of CO2 and NOX emissions. As a forerunner in the industry, we also plan to put further effort into thermal energy R&D and drive development of high thermal efficiency and environmentally conscious appliances for the benefit of future generations.

In addition to exporting Paloma products throughout the world, we also have manufacturing hubs in North America and Oceania. Listening closely to their opinions, we will continue the challenge of producing gas appliances our global customers will appreciate.

While propelling expansion of our operations at home and abroad, Paloma nevertheless believes it must remain a company with ties to its customers at home, always close enough to see their smiles. With the confidence of our customers, and our 100-year history behind us, we will tirelessly endeavor to meet expectations, under our motto of "exerting all our energy towards customer-driven quality".

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